October 2, 2009

Port Washington Community Cookbook Wants Local Recipes

Note from the Chamber of Commerce: The Port Washington Chamber of Commerce is compiling recipes from residents, restaurants, and businesses to be published in a community cookbook. We invite you to participate in this exciting new project by sending in your favorite recipes. When the cookbook is published, your name will appear with each of your recipes that are accepted. If you wish to be identified with the Chamber, another organization, or your business, you can add the organization or business name in the space provided on the submission form, and it will also appear with your name, but this is optional.

Click on this website to download a copy of the Recipe Collection Form, along with the instructions on how to submit your recipes. You can fill it out and either print it out and mail or fax it, or fill it out on your computer and e-mail it to Bobbie Polay. If you have any questions, please e-mail or call 516-883-6566.

Please take a few minutes to read the instructions and fill out the recipe form. Your contribution will not only ensure the success of this project, but will give you a unique opportunity to participate in Port's first community cookbook.

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