November 9, 2010

Happy Accidents Happen

When Happy Accidents happen, Stephani Schwartz is responsible. Stephani is a local artist and craftsperson in Port Washington, NY, who runs the online shop "Happy Accidents." She explains that "Happy accidents are those moments in crafting and in our lives when something we’re attempting doesn’t turn out as we expected. I’ve learned to turn those 'problems' into 'challenges'...." The challenges that Stephani describes also turn out to be beautiful, handcrafted and vintage items that are featured on her Happy Accidents website.

Stephani specializes in what she calls 3-D Collage, the process of attaching anything to anything with anything! She is an avid collector, and likes to recycle items in ways other than what they were originally intended for. Her products are one-of-a-kind -- no two are exactly alike. When I visited her in-home studio, I was amazed at her collection of all kinds of beads, glass, toys, fabrics, mugs, and other found items; and her enthusiasm for turning them into wonderful custom gifts was infectious.

She is especially creative with candles, producing scents like cranberry/pomegranate, mango/papaya, and lots of floral scents with names like Sun and Sea, Day at the Beach, and Garden Walk. If you have a special request, Stephani will work to create the perfect candle for you or custom gifts for family and friends. The candles are presented in a variety of holders that are painted, beaded, gold-leafed, rick-racked, or decorated in other creative ways.

Stephani has been selling her wares online since 2008, and custom orders can be placed for wedding and party favors and for other events. She also creates seasonal collections, beautifully packaged. Check out her store for gift ideas for this holiday season, and become a fan of her facebook page so you can keep up with all of the new happy accidents.

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